Hello! My name is Danielle and by day I work as a Policy Strategist. But my passions are family, art, and adventuring in the great outdoors. I love doing simple things with my children like exploring the city on foot on our “urban adventures,” collecting natural toys and treasures, discovering street art, and playing among the trees and plants we find on hidden paths and in abandoned lots. While I love to take photographs and get creative, I don't identify as an artist.

I studied photography and art history all through university and graduate school. Art, aesthetics and visual communication have always been a big part of my life. Until I began my current job, I always had an outlet for personal expression, whether through dance, visual art or creative writing. 

Photography and my blog -www.hippieindisguise.com --  are my creative outlets where I try to share visually our family's way of life, which could be described as: creative, intentional, adventurous, connected, and slow. My moniker hippie in disguise has a lot to do with my professional work, where my own (left wing, hippie) opinions and creativity cannot factor into my work. Over the past two years on my Instagram gallery, I have shared my photography with people around the world. Through this shop I hope to earn money to better support my family. 

I am also on the editorial team, and write and photograph, for Enfants Terribles Magazine, a magazine focused on children's fashion, playfulness, and creativity.